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    Want to 3D Print for a good cause? Donate your prints to Halo Keepers

    With the holidays coming up, I have started a 3D Printed charity toy drive for the Halo Keepers, a small organization that creates wigs, beanies and hats out of yarn for children with cancer. After these kids have lost their hair from the chemo therapy, they create head coverings that help them to feel normal again.

    As many of us try and think of things to print or just have our printers sitting idle, I would like to encourage the community to use this opportunity to print for a good cause. Everything from fidget spinners to wands are welcome and the kids will be ecstatic to know someone made something for them. I've started to compile a list of potential print ideas (wands, tiaras, etc) but you can make anything you like, it would all be appreciated.

    If you are interested in participating, you can find more details on the link below about the organization, where to send items and even info on receiving tax deductible receipts for your donations.

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    Is this country specific ?

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    Technically no but it comes down to how far someone is willing to ship the printed items. The charity is located in the US so S&H may be cost prohibitive from somewhere like Australia or China (that is up to the person printing though).

    I mentioned it briefly in the description but if donating to Halo Keepers isn't feasible, I would like to encourage doing the same for a local charity. Unfortunately there are tons of children with cancer and thankfully plenty of organizations to help them. 3D printed toys would mean a lot to them so that much definitely isn't country specific

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