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    Anyone got any experience with x3g files and Weistek printers?

    My colleague at work was given a RS Ideawerk printer as a leaving gift from his last job, and we're trying to get it up and running with Cura.
    The printer is basically a rebadged WT150, and is only supported with Doraware software. The software is fine, but very limited. The printer is brilliant, you get amazing quality, but it only prints X3G files.
    What we'd like to be able to do is use Cura to generate x3g files that work on the printer.
    At the moment all I have to go off is some sample gcode files that are on the sd card the printer came with that gives us the start/finish gcodes, and some forums that are in German.
    If I create gcode in cura, export it into a text editor, fix it manually, load it back into cura, export that into x3g using the cura plugin the printer will start heating up but when it starts moving it tries to go out of bounds pretty quickly.
    If I create the same gcode, fix it, and load it into ReplicatorG then the initial movements for the print setup work fine, but when it goes to move the printhead to the initial position it tries to travel to far in z-axis.
    This makes me think -

    • the cura plugin creating the x3g file is creating the wrong format for the printer
    • the replicatorg settings for the printer dimensions are incorrect

    Has anyone had any luck doing something similar?
    If not, has anyone seen a tool for reverse compiling x3g so I can at least see what the final file is trying to tell the printer to do?

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    Okay that is pretty weird - first time I've seen anything that wasn't a replicator clone using x3g files.

    My only real suggestion is to get simplify3d - it will automatically output x3g files and you can set up any parameters you like for the printer.

    As the program designed to convert gcode to x3g is pretty much only going to work for replicator clones, that is probably your best bet.
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