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    Printing with PETG

    Has anyone printed with petg? I wanted to create drinking mugs. I normally print with pla, and wasn't sure if it was safe to drink from.

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    I'm paranoid, but I don't think I would ever drink from a printed plastic item. That said, you can always look up the material safety sheet for the material. It seems PETG is food safe, with some considerations.

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    Yes most PETT and PETG filaments are food-safe as is PLA. Look for grading for this specific brand as they still may contain some volatiles.
    And it's best making sure you deburr the part well of course. With 0.10 layer thickness you have the best chances of it being watertight as well.

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    I've been surprised in the past at how easily prints were watertight, but it occurs to me that water might get trapped inside a print. Is going with 100% infill a good idea? Bad idea?

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    actually the thicker the layer, the greater chance of it being watertight. Fewer layers = fewer chances for holes.

    Print fairly slowly, no infill (important) and 0.3-0.4 layer thickness.

    I have managed to print water tight pet-g vases, so it is doable :-)

    With pet-g you want the lower end of the printing range for better layer bonding.

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    Guys, I want to print this mug, but I'm not sure that PETG is solid enough. Has someone already printed this?

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