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    Firmware - does it matter if you never change or update it ?

    I've currently got 3 3d printers with another 2 on the way (my own built from scratch stupidly large delta and the super cute monoprice mini-delta, when they release it in the uk).

    All 3 of my current printers: wooden flashforge creator, klic-n-print and he3d k200, have original and untouched firmware and all three machines print and work perfectly with factory installed firmware.
    Okay I've had to tune them in with the slicers and my workshop environs. But at no point have I ever wanted or needed to mess with the firmwares.

    I see an awful lot of people on here and on the he3d k200 facebook group who mess with the firmware BEFORE ever trying to print and end up with a lot of - probably - unnecessary hassle.

    Why would you start changing fundamental aspects of your machine BEFORE seeing if it actually works ?

    So do you think messing about with firmware ad-nauseum is essential to getting your printer to work properly OR if your printer works, do you ever consider messing with the firmware at all ?

    Over the last three decades of building and fixing computers and their issues, I have become a firm believer in the saying: 'If it's not broken - don't try and fix it'.

    So many threads on 3d printers start with: 'I updated my firmware and now I have 'this' problem'.

    So why do it ?

    Have you done it - and if so, was there any practical improvement, or did you just end up with different problems ?

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    As an engineer I work with firmware and I see the 'upgrade firmware' crowd quite a bit. It is true that most of the time it fixes issues but I advise people to read release notes on firmware to see if what the firmware fixes is something they have had trouble with.
    Don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modelworks View Post
    Don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.
    That's some really good advice.

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    I've bricked a machine by "upgrading" the firmware - beware.

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    I agree, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Check if it works before fiddling with anything. The one time I'd disagree is if there is a well known issue with the printer that is fixed by updating firmware, or if it's just to enable some safety features cheap kits often deliberately disable. Min-temp and other thermal runaway protections are the usual suspects.

    Other than that, the only good reason to update firmware on a working machine is if you're making an upgrade that needs updating the firmware, like adding a leveling sensor or the like.

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    It depends on the device, what the critically of the update, and the timing of it.
    Is it hot off for a for a insignificant change, NO, I wound not, But the recent WIFI issue , yes.

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