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    Question Printing phone case

    Hi guys i want to design some phone case for my phone (xiaomi) but i cant find any .stl file for my xiaomi phone. Im afraid after i printed the design out the size canít matched with my phone. Do you have any suggestion what should i do? I know there are some 3d scanner but i think that quite expensive is there any other alternative?

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    well, first get a 3d printer :-)

    you'll find most phones of a similiar screen size are very similiarl in shape also.
    So with a little resizing you can most likely adapt existing cases to fit your phone.

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    I Did a quick search on thingiverse and found many (xiaomi) phone cases. Depending on your model number.

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    Well with Netfabb you can always do some measurements to see if it will fit.
    Since you can buy about 1,000 phone cases for the price of a workable 3D scanner.

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    ah thanks for your info guys

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