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    Feed Rate Help For Low Torque Steppers

    I am getting down and dirty on tuning my printer. so here is some specs related to my queston....

    XY belt bed.
    1.9* .4a steppers
    direct drive extruder 1.75mm
    polulu a8499 ??
    ramps 1.4
    marlin 1.1.5

    So, i had my stepper drivers set to stock. Vref .65.... Way to high. My motors started to get really hot and skipped alot.... So i turned them down to .42... Still skips alittle. So i found out that im still running to high of current and my correct Vref is .16v for the .4a motors... So my question is, what kind of feedrate and other movement type settings do i need to change, if any, to make sure im not going to skip steps anymore....??? Just in general. Right now they are set to stock Marlin. Im not worried about how long it takes to print an item. I have plenty of time and i only print small items.... I have not tried to print anything yet on the .16v, i want to get a general idea before wasting more abs....

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    geared extruder ?

    how big is the printer and what type/design ?

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    I am trying to find the best printer for my personal needs! But I don't want to waste my money on something that is not good.

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