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    Edges Messy and Curling

    Full Print:
    Half Print:

    Here are three calibration cubes that I printed and their issues. Most of it looks good except the details on the X and the ripples moving up and down the sides of the walls (which is not as bad in person as it looks on photo). Im more concerned with the details on the X and cant figure it out.

    Print Settings:

    Advice is greatly appreciated! Poor filament? Slicer Settings? etc?
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    Printer, print temperatures and material :-)
    Also do you have a cooling fan for the print area.

    And yeah, those are horrible prints.

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    Yea these are just the printers that my university has to work with so i cant do much about the printer, but i can get new filament. Could you be more specific as to what needs improved?

    And I have a cooling fan option but I dont believe it effects the print area at all:

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    What material are you printing with? If using PLA, those temps are way too hot. Try 200 for the extruder and 50 for the bed.
    If printing in ABS ( which those temps are close to ) raise the extruder to 240, bed at 90-100, but an enclosed printer would help.
    PETG would be 240 and 70.

    Try PLA and lower those temps. If required, maybe slow down the print a little ( allows cooling, but this should be a last resort as those speeds are not too fast.)

    Oh, and the fan you showed in the photo is only for the extruder, not a part cooling fan

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    Yeah that fan makes as much sense as a solar powered freight truck.
    To improve cooling you can use an external fan.
    A lower layer height will improve your overhangs as well.

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    i'll argue on the petg - 225 :-)

    After the first few layers a deskfan blowing on the print would definitely help, even the cheap usb ones you get in buck stores would work and if necessary you could power it from a cheap power bank. There is no actual print area cooling fan. Find the printer wrangler and suggest it to them :-)

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    We found the fan on our printer wouldn't ramp up consistently, so we just wired it to be on all the time. Seemed to help a lot.

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