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    Hidden dangers of 3D printing

    3D printers also emit ultrafine particles that are impossible to see with the naked eye. Although small in size, these particulates are particularly harmful because of their ability to get permanently stuck in the human respiratory tract. Additionally, small particulates have a larger total surface area that creates an increased physical exposure risk between body surfaces and hazardous particulate surfaces.

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    It can be dangerous if they touch the extruder or if the room is too small because of some material are not good for the health.

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    I agree with you, 3D printers are not for kids, it is not good for them. Nice information.

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    Parents should notify their child about the probable dangers; do not abandon them unwatched, and use precautions (gloves, glasses, etc.) when handling a 3D printer.

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    It's dangerous for children. We need to keep this kind of equipment in a locked room or outside the house.

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