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    Polmaker Polyflex - prints nice but ...

    ... it is a real pain in the a... to get the printed part from the raft!
    And printing w.o. raft does not work. Hmmm...

    Does anybody know a trick about this challenge?

    Have a great time!

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    raft ?

    why on earth are you still printing with a raft ?
    You only need rafts for badly calibrated machines, and occasionally abs on an unenclosed machine.
    And polyflex pretty much sticks to anything.
    It doesn't need a heated bed - but I find 50c will let it stick like a limpet even for really detailed first layers.

    What printer do you have and what surface are you printing on ?
    pva works fantastically for polyflex - thinking about it when printing it on pva I don't bother heating the bed.

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