I have a Geeetech Prusa i3 pro B and I'm using Repetier Hose with Slic3r.
I have my extruder calibrated and now I'm trying to experiment with different temperatures.
I had it set to 220 before, but now I'm trying to drop it to 195. In Repetier Host Printer Settings, I set 'Default Extruder Temperature' to 195. In Slic3r configuration > Filament Settings , I set Extruder temp to 195 first layer and 195 other layers. I saved the configuration. On the physical printer interface, I set min temp to 190 and left max at 250. Saved to memory here also.
When I start print it always goes back to 220.
Just now that I killed a print, I checked printer interface again and minimum is set to 220 again..