We are ApplyLabWork and have been working diligently to develop FormLabs compatible resins. All our products have been tested extensively on FormLabs printers (Form1+, Form2) and the results are amazing and solved the problems of damaged VAT, post-cure cracks, failed prints, etc… that often occur in 3rd party resin. Since we are manufacturer direct, you will be very impressed with our prices too.Our Modeling Resin, comparable to FormLabs Standard Resin, is US$60/liter and FREE SHIPPING to the 48 continental states!

Please check out our great reviews in FormLabs forum as well as our reviews in 3DHubs https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/q...reak-your-bank

Our newest press release was just published at 3DPrint https://3dprint.com/189647/applylabw...ting-resins-2/

Please visit ApplyLabWork website for more product details. www.applylabwork.com