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    Dual Projector DLP Printer Advice Needed

    Hi everyone,

    Iím new to this forum. Iím new to 3D printing. I want to build a Stereolithography printer.

    Right now Iím in the design phase, figuring out exactly what I want to do. The software and hardware will be new to me.

    My question for today is about using two projectors. I want to have a fairly large build area. I am wondering if I can use two projectors to get achieve an acceptable resolution. I donít know if the software I will need to use to slice the model and make the picture images can support this, it seems like Creation Workshop is a popular choice? Also the software that controls the motion (is this also Creation Workshop?) and coordinates the projector flashes, will it support using two projectors? Obviously I would need to align the projectors and there would need to be a small overlap in the images.

    I will be using a top down approach, so an LCD screen is out of the picture.

    Has anyone ever done this before? Is there a build log I can follow somewhere? Are dual projectors an option in any of the software? Or perhaps I need a special graphics card that can automatically split the images irrespective of the 3d printing software?

    Any info or advice is appreciated!

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    can't help with the build but most modern onboard graphics chips and motherboards support 2-3 discrete monitors. vga, dvi and hdmi, so that side of things shouldn't be a problem.

    There is an english company that makes dlp 3d printers who have made printers with build playes as large as 50 inches. But I believe they use led screens rather than projectors.
    Given how cheap and bright a modern led tv/monitor is - that might make more sense and have a bottom up approach instead.

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    Thank you for the reply. I now realize that this setup would be independent of the 3d printing software. Yes, a large 4K LCD screen could be a good choice, however I have already decided on a top down approach. I haven't decided what to do beyond that. It turns out that the 1080P DLP projectors I could get a good deal on are short throw....doh....that's not going to work. I could drastically reduce the build area and drastically increase the Z travel. Print time would take forever......Not sure what I will do at this point.

    Has anyone ever hacked a laser printer (as in one used normally with toner to print on paper) with a different laser, perhaps a blu ray laser, to print on resin? You'd need to run the laser back and forth over the resin, but that's only in one axis, simple enough to do, as long as some form of software would support it. Far simpler than a two axis laser. I realize that there are galvanometers also, but who has made a DIY machine with one? Anyone ever tried to adapt one of those cheap laser light projectors from EBay? I am guessing the quality is not good enough for this purpose?

    Seems like there are many alternatives that haven't been fully explored? Or perhaps these things have already been done, I just haven't seen the examples, either try and fail or try and succeed?

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