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    Print Quality issue - cannot figure out whats going on.

    FIXED -- Problem caused by a partial blockage in nozzle. -- Remedied by replacing nozzle, now printing back to normal ----

    Hi guys,

    I am running a hictop Pursa i3 XL with e3D V6 hotend on Bowden


    material shown is PLA at 210,

    Ok, so im hoping you can see there is a large section where the filament just appears to not be there, this is random on my prints, but it is there on all of them despite the material.

    It happens with ABS as well. So it is not a filament problem.

    What is causing this issue? I am starting to bang my head against a brick wall here, as my prints used to be absolutely perfect.

    I have made sure my rig is well lubricated and moving freely,

    Any help is truly appreciated

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