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    ESD safe Flexible filament?

    Does anyone know of an ESD safe filament that is also flexible? I can't find any. Thanks.

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    ElectroStatic Discharge? It seems that all filaments would be pretty similar in that regard, unless they were conductive.

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    as none of the flexibles are conductive - wouldn't that make them all esd safe ?
    Or am i missing something ?

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    You are missing something....

    Insulators are not ESD as they can't be grounded and static charge will remain.

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    Sooooo, we need conductive filament ?

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    Graphene 3D Lab Introduces New Conductive Flexible TPU Filament for 3D Printed Wearable Electronics

    Have not seen any for sale as of this date.

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    pretty sure I've tried all the different carbon based conductive filaments. None of them are conductive enough to be of any use.

    However there was a company at tct who were working on a non-carbon based conductive filament that could be produced in lots of different colours.
    They wouldn't tell me what it was based around :-)

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    Carbon is the main additive for conductive filament. It is cheap and high conductive, but the material will be brittle if carbon is enough. If you need higher conductive material, carbon nano tube could be used for this, But is is much expensive. We have tested the conductive of carbon and CNT, CNT is much better than carbon

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