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    Qidi X-One Filament spool spacer

    I recently discovered an issue with my Qidi X-One printer using aftermarket filaments. The spools are wider than the Qidi filament spools, 70 mm vs 64 mm so the spool fastening screw flange binds the spool. And even if I loosened the fastening screw the spool can rub on the flange and make it self-tighten thus binding up the printer during a print creating a real problem. Ask me how I know. So I made this little spacer to give a few extra mm length to the spool so the screw can be tightened and the spool can still rotate freely. Can be left on or removed for the Qidi filaments and may not be needed with some after market filaments depending on how the spools are made and which direction the filament comes off. For reference, I need it with the 1 kg MatterHackers ABS and Hatchbox PLA filaments I bought, but can't speak to other brands.
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