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Thread: Mosfet

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    I just installed my MOSFET on my A8 and my heated bed seemed to heat to 60 degrees quicker than it did before.Is there that much strain on the main board?

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    Your use of a MOSFET to manage the power to the bed would result in a lower demand on the main board, rather than a greater one. The current applied to the bed now travels from source, switched by the mosfet, directly to the bed, rather than being limited by the current capacity of the main board.

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    so the answer is - yes, running heatbed directly through cheap 3d printer boards is a major issue.

    On my k200, I can do 50c bed 210 nozzle all day long.
    But 90c bed and 250 nozzle - nope she can't handle that. Both end up running around 10c lower than set.
    So I will be fitting a mosfet as soon as it arrives.

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