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    HICTOP Prussa I3 Parts

    I just purchased the 3DP-11-ATL and one of the acrylic mounts (11.00YKLXPJ01.BLACK.003) is broken. I emailed the company and went online to try and find a replacement part but am not seeing this part exactly. I do see some upgraded parts that I could print, but before I can print anything I need to have this part so I can print. Any suggestions?

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    Two Pair of vise grips, need to hold Smooth rod the long enough for just printing One mount.
    Clamp the smooth rod then Clamp the vise grip to the Frame with the Other. should hold for the duration of a single print.
    P.S. Duct tape super glue the Pieces together only printing one piece.


    Z-Axis Top

    These keep the Smooth rod from moving on the Stepper motor.
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    I will give this a try. Thanks for the help.

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