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    Question 3D printer for children? help and advice needed

    Hello 3D printer board thanks for the add.

    By the name of this forum, I'm sure I have got right place to ask about 3D printers! for the past couple of months, my son has been creating all different types of designs with a 3D printer in technology lessons at school. He had taken it on that well the teacher had spoken to me to tell me how impressed he is, which is awesome. Now, he has come home and asked me if he could get a 3D printer obviously it's hard for me to say no with all the good things I have been hearing. So, Is there a 3D printer out there for children that aren't going to empty my bank account? I have been looking here and I think $400 to get him something is enough but my only problem is I was an adult when 3D printing come out and I have no idea on how it works let alone what would make a good beginner machine.

    All advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated, guys. if there is any other information needed please let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.

    Thanks a bunch
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    For kids, ideally, you want a 3D printer with an enclosed build area. The reason being that there are lots of hot parts. The hot end gets to around 200C, that's not very child friendly.

    The other thing is it needs to be simple to use. 3D printing can still involve a lot of calibration and tweaking print settings to get the right result so what you want is a printer that just has a plug'n play set up, just press the button and go. In this respect you are probably better off getting a printer that uses it's own brand filament. This can be more costly for supplies but the advantage is that the printer settings are already set up to use their filament, no tweaking necessary.

    With respect to these caveats I would suggest XYZ printing Da Vinci Junior 3D printers. These are specifically designed for children.

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    Great reply and some good pointers, thanks for the link I will go to check that out and get back to you.

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