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    First 3D printer with UPS system

    First 3D printer with UPS system

    More details, please refer to this link

    World first UPS sys 3D printer

    Resume from power off (UPS)

    Automatically power off after done

    End stop filament

    Print from any layer

    Different heat area for different model

    heat up to 120 degree quickly

    color touch screen

    400*400*500 printing size

    Wifi function

    dual Z axis

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    Well given that the tft touchscreens offer the 'resume after power loss' facility. You're definitely not the first.

    Now if you actually had a ups built into the system - that would probably be a first.
    But the ability to resume after power loss - is offered by the touch screens to anyone who uses one.

    Ah okay - you've got a battery in there that runs long enough to park the nozzle, so yep an actual ups - bloody good idea ! :-)
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