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    Upgrade an CTC formaker - Need help

    Hello printing community,

    I've bought some time ago an CTC formaker. It worked well for me, I got already some experience about printing . Almost everything worked fine, or I got it to work. Several issues I could repair by myself, and my last idea was to replace the nozzle to an smaller diameter. So far so good.

    I made an accident and I've got an short circuit from an temperature sensor and the board is burned. First I've thought just to replace the whole board, and use it as before. But I donít get any answer from CTC, and I'm not sure if it make sense just to order another mightyboard.

    The CTC formaker itself hast multiple function, but basically I've never used them, and I guess somehow I will not in the near future.

    Beside that functionality, the frame itself is quite well done, and I was thinking about to "rebuild" the whole printer, or letís say to replace it with another board/brand. An huge benefit would also be the open source, easier replacement/improvement of just a part of the printer! I've many posts regarding other solutions (Rumba, Ramps, MKS), boards and brands. But I donít get an useful overview, what could make sense, or which directions would be best to upgrade my printer. So now I'm here and hope to get some support.

    Additional fueature, that an formaker donít have, but would be nice:

    • Cooling fan controlled by software
    • Autolevel

    What do you would suggest to me? Which way I can get the ďbestĒ solution for my printer?

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    get an mks gen or base board.
    comes with marlin firmware, easy to use and all your existing hardware should just plug into it.

    The mks base have the stepper motor drivers built into the board - the mks gen uses seperate stepper motor modules.
    Apparently it can make a difference - ask autowiz :-)

    Also has the advantage that you can add a tft touchscreen. They are great and pretty cheap :-)
    The touchscreens add interruptible prints for power cuts, usb port for printing from usb memory sticks and the ability to add a wifi module for wireless networking.

    (looks up the formaker)
    ah - does milling, cnc and laser as well as 3d printing. First time I've heard of it, which is a bit weird.

    Can you post a picture of the existing motherboard ?
    sounds like it's not going to be all that standard after all.
    And already got a touchscreen.
    One of these days I'll look stuff up before I post :-)
    (don't hold your breath)
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    After I'm at home, I will make some picture. And compared to other printers I've seen, I guess it isn't standard. That's also a reason why I thought to replace the electronic. It uses also 24V, and the temperature sensors are K-Type and not NTC.
    The formaker has already an touchscreen, but the software could need some improvement, sometimes its almost impossible to hit a certain option.
    It's basically an makerbot clone, as long as it were working i was satisfied. But I guess also for further improvement it would be the best to change the electronic, instead to try to find it's used parts.

    The frame is nice done, its all metal. So I've thought like to build a new printer, just re use the frame

    I do have some software and electronics knowledge, it still will be a challenge, but I guess a possible one .

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    24v not an issue - most of the recent boards can use either 12 or 24v.
    It's how it uses the add-on parts that might be an issue. Though that could actually be done through the screen.

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    Here are my picture. The accident is easy to see on the third picture

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    wow - you're going to struggle to duplicate that setup.
    Can't even see which board the screen is plugged into.

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    I guess I haven't explained that well. My intention isn't to duplicate that setup. The additional device's I haven't used, once I've tried the laser, but it didn't cut the paper well.
    The printer worked well, but its too much an special solution with no future improvement.

    I would like to use the frame and replace the electronic with new hardware and reduce it to an printer only. Another advantage will also better support, new functionality by software/firmware update's and so on.
    But I don't know which board I should use, what would be the best way to go. Many things I've read are already some years old, and before I just buy some boards and make those experience by myself to request for help/support.

    Im not sure if sailfish or marlin or any other should be prefered. Somehow I'm a bit lost about to find a way to replace it and get an printer to achieve good quality.

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    ah right - seems a shame.

    In that case look at the mks series of boards.

    About as comprehensive as you get.
    I've got a mks base 1.5
    cheap as dirt and comes with onboard stepper motor controllers.

    Existing screen will just plug in.

    That's supposed to be 3watt laser - probably wasn't focused.
    what you going to do with the laser module ?

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