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    3D Printer Model Advice

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to these forums, but am trying to find out some information. I work at a resort where we do an activity with 3D printers. We currently are using 5 printers from a company that will not be named. We are looking to get some printers that are extremely reliable and can be put through a good amount of use. We currently run our printers for on average a 6-8 hour print almost every day which I know will put a strain on any printer, but I just want one that might be better than others in this field. Thank you for any opinions in advance.

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    I advise Ultimaker machines given their reliability.
    Also Wanhao may be a good option, they have surprised me and print at very fast speeds.
    A third good option is the FlashForge Creator.

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    I would advise Zortrax M200 - reliable, with a great print quality and not demanding any sophisticated maintenance.
    I won't hide that I am an employee of Zortrax but I can tell you that we have a very good feedback from educators using our printers.
    If you would like to get some more information I am always open to give them to the community.

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