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Thread: ABS raft lift

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    ABS raft lift

    I have a problem that seems to happen with ABS filament.
    The raft wants to lift from the platform at the front left-hand side never at any other place. This is a relative position, and does not depend on the absolute position of the extruder. This does not happen when I print with PLA.
    Does anyone know of a way to deal with this?

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    Do you have the part cooling fan running? In general no fan for ABS. What is the bed surface? What temps?
    I would also suggest staying away from rafts unless the part has a really small foot print. Using things like corner pucks or brims can help with adhesion.

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    My recipe for ABS:

    110F glass bed
    120F build chamber

    zero warping problems, the heated chamber is key--when I forget to turn my heater on, large parts warp and pull off the bed.

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