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    Electronic/LED help for this design?

    Hi, I'm looking for someone with knowledge of 12v electronics and LEDs to help with this project. I'm modeling this 5" Stargate SG-1 ring as a 2" auto hitch brake light. I'd like the center and the nine chevrons to light with the vehicle brake lights. What I don't know is what electrical parts are necessary. LEDs for the chevrons, and the center ring, how they should be wired etc.? Are resistors or other parts necessary? Hopefully this is simple stuff for someone on the forum and they wouldn't mind posting a parts/wiring diagram. (If the chevron lights could chase that would be great) When I've sorted out the design, I'll post the files here for anyone else who might want to make one.


    I originally modeled the gate with more details, (see Pic) but at 5" Dia, it's too small for them to show. I'm still working on which details to include, and how to break it down to assembly parts.

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    I know this is old, but do you still need assistance?

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