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    Silver Metallic ABS

    Hey guys,

    so far I have only printed with PLA on my Ultimaker 2+. I think it's time to move to ABS. Question: Can you recommend any silver metallic ABS filament from your own experience?

    I was totally happy with the silver metallic PLA directly from Ultimaker themselves. I really like that glossy finish. I would totally like to keep the overall appeal of that material when switching to ABS.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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    Don't think anyone majes abs with actually included metal. Due to the shrinkage issues it's unlikely abs is a goid substrate for filaments with actual metal.
    No doubt there are so callef 'silver' coloured abs filaments. In my past exoerience - befire i gave up abs as a waste if time - it comes as a dull grey, not silver.
    That was a few years back. So who knows.

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