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    You're building a knight industries 2000 !

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    more to the point - you have a computer to play games on - IN YOUR CAR ?!?
    lmao - Umm, why ?

    yeah bios overclocking is also a bit pointless. You might get a few percent inprovement. Which is largely unnoticeable.
    Like I said been a profession it person for around 25 years, just never seen any point in overclocking.

    As for cramming lots and lots of drives into a standard desktop case.
    So you're basically building mini servers ?
    Why not just use a larger case ?
    Still got a brand new unboxed full tower in my workshop that's used as a shelf. I reckon it predates atx power supplies. But you can still get them.

    Used to use the occasional full tower back in the day. Can't remember why, but I do remember using them :-)

    Oh yeah - so you want to be using pet-g to make your components.
    has higher glass point than pla or abs, less prone to enviromental break down, easy to print with and reasonably cheap.
    Also comes in different colours :-)
    It also has some of the best layer bonding - so no matter what your print orientation you get structurally strong and tough prints. Plus you don't need an enclosed print volume to print it :-)
    Sorry it took me awhile to find this place again. I've been super slammed at work.

    Actually, the point of the Pi 3 in the truck was because the Pi 3 costs $50 vs the $300 for a decent stereo system. The truck is a 1979 Ford F-150, rockin' a V8 400 stock with 35" tires on it. It was to defer theft, and I could custom build the bracket to fit in there, make it a WHOLE lot harder to remove it, if you don't know what you're doing. I drive this truck mostly for mudding, and summer weather.

    Quote Originally Posted by AutoWiz View Post
    Because the reasons for it outweighed the reasons against it. But aside from the games and hd movies and 5.1 channel surround and internet, The big thing about this capability is the use of virtual assistant or ai apps and the ability to talk to my car. I gave my car a voice. and wihile tethered to my phone all I have to do is ask my car where the nearest gas station is or whatever.

    Of course, I can also load up games by voice command. Thank you virtual assistants. In my android based corvette, I run for windows I just use Cortana.
    Mmm... It's more for the sake of not losing anymore stereos. The truck is so old, that you can use a blank key to unlock the doors. I've had the locks upgraded to a newer style, but it's still tough to keep people from stealing a stereo. I plan on fixing it up, and want to have something classy and different with it. Thus the pi3. Also, being able to connect it to the internet or WiFi while parked somewhere would be pretty sweet. I'm a decent programmer, I was going to do some nifty stuff with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    You're building a knight industries 2000 !
    But mine will be green! Forest Green!

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    Not a davinci !
    cheap, and not terribly reliable.

    70c could be an issue.
    Are you talking about the printer or the printed parts ?

    And if you're talking about the temperature inside the case - then you seriously need to redesign and get some airflow in there !

    Printerwise i'll recommend a tevo little monster.
    Large delta that would satisfy all your requirements - and then some !

    Deltas are easier to build, simple in operation. Print faster, quieter and with at least the same detail level as cartesian machines. They also have a smaller footprint to build volume ratio. All things apartment friendly :-)

    Around $799 with free delivery.
    it comes as a kit, but very easy to build.
    it's a cylindrical build volume - 340mm diameter x 500 tall.
    Loads of printing videos and build vidoes on youtube.

    Wow thank you for recommending this printer. I love it and i can see i will love this printer. Now to just get past Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by BinaryData View Post
    But mine will be green! Forest Green!

    How is all this working out for you? How about an update on this project? I have since built a new gaming rig for myself with the 3d printing. I built this last year in 2018 but I see most of this thread is from 2017 and before this awesome time right here:

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