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    First model, what obvious mistakes am I making?


    This is my first attempt at a model. I'm trying to make a plate to clip to the back of an Amiga 1200 case, to which I can attach the various ports from a Raspberry Pi (the Pi itself would be elsewhere in the case, not directly attached to this plate).

    I don't have a printer of my own and would be sending this off to a local service. Are there any glaring problems in the model? I've tried sticking to a minimum thickness of 2mm wherever possible.

    Thanks for any feedback or advice.
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    Meshmixer reports no errors, but sometimes a few can slip through on more complex models. Your model isn't all that complex and is probably good for manifold.

    The barbed clips (4) on the face are unsupported in the design, which means the print service will use support material during the build. It will necessitate a bit of clean up, but it's minor. There will be bridging in the large oval hole and the rectangular holes as well, perhaps some droop, or internal support will be used, for a bit more clean up. If you're selecting the lower cost FFM/FDM printing, support is likely. If the service permits, select internal support option. If you're going expensive, with SLS, the media is the support and won't be an issue.

    In general, I'd say it's a healthy model.

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    Thanks, that's really helpful!

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    Slices fine.
    Depending on the print service and what printers they have, might not need supports.
    Look for someone with sls. Laser sintered powdered nylon.
    Will print almost anything without supports.

    That said you'd only need four small supports for fdm.

    Other than that - looks good :-)

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