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    High School Students Start 3D Printed Prosthetic Charity

    While we can't say with any certainty that every school in the world will soon be equipped with a 3D printer, more and more districts are realizing that the technology is an important teaching tool, and that it's a good idea for kids to learn how to use 3D printers before they grow up, maybe go off to college, and join the workforce. The career center with the Paris School District in Arkansas has a 3D printer, which two high school students will soon be putting to good use. Joni Inman and Anna Claire Richey attend Paris High School, and in between classes and homework, are hoping to change the lives of people in need through the charity they formed called Give Me Five, thanks to their partnership with a software company, to make and distribute 3D printed prosthetics. Read more at

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    Wow, charity is cool, I would like to join as well. I think student charity is worthy of respect. It is very important that the younger generation was not indifferent to others. I also want to help you and recommend reading the essay at about the book "The Great Gatsby", this is a very cool book, in the data of the essay, the authors analyze and evaluate this book in different ways.
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    woo it should be like this

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    It is very nice work done by the students.

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    This is a very nice thought and greatly appreciated event to set examples for other schools also.

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    It is really nice that you are teaching students about 3D printers. When I was in a school no one was there to teach us about 3D printer. I have taken extra classes to learn about the 3D printer. Because I need a 3D printer every day in my Resumes Help Service. The 3D printer learning course was so expensive for me. If someone like you teach me during my high school period, then I won't have to pay that much for school. But I am sure it will surely help a lot of students.

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    we have 3d printers on school in basic Education.

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    Well done! We need such things from students. Unfortunately, they are busy with some useless things like writing essays. I think if everybody uses there will be more happy people. It would be even better if students won't have to complete that many assignments but I am pretty sure that it won't happen.

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    Yes, For sure this it is a great thing for students

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    A lot of students just don't know now to write their assignments really good, but I think that it's fine. Happily, nowadays we can easily use such services as affordable paper and just relax.

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