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    Question about Anet A8 3d Printer

    Hello everyone, I am very new to 3D printing and through out the past few months while I have been researching I decided to buy my first 3D printer. Of course like many people I wanted to do it cheap and build a kit. I chose to go with the Anet A8 which from what I have seen seems to be a okay one to start with. However, I have heard of a bunch of fake A8s being sent out and seeing that I bought mine on e-bay through a listing labeled "anet a8 2017 upgraded quality high precision reprap prusa i3 diy 3d printer" The Reviews for the seller was great but going through the images i noticed the circuit board looked a lot different than I have seen on any other A8 and I was wondering if anyone might know why or if thats what the "upgraded" part is. Not that an anet is the greatest printer in the world but is there a way to tell if its a genuine or fake? I have tried to search for this but have come up empty handed. I have included an image of the board.


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    I have already purchased it so buying a new one at gearbest which is what I should of done in the first place is out of the question at the moment. My wife would kill me lol.

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    the odds are there's bugger all difference between what you bought and a 'genuine' a8.
    And yes they can be bloody cheap - was having a look round ebay this week. Saw kits for as little as 120.

    For that kind of money - you can't expect quality components throughout.

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