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    that's the spirit :-)
    Although you could simply put: Private citizen
    In the business field.

    We won't be wearing a t-shirt with an aardvark on it,
    I should hope not - copyrighted is that :-)

    Got any company t-shirts ? I'm always on the scrounge - xl or xxl if they're small xl's. Just saying ;-)

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    Yeah AM3D will be attending we will be in Hall 3 stand F40. we will be supporting VSHAPER and we should be bringing a few new machines like a 5 axis 3D printer and we will be launching some new slicing software. we will have some PC booths there so anyone who wants to have a go of the new software can and they will receive expert advice from the software techs who created it.

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    That sounds like fun. I'll definitely drop by :-)
    So you sell pmma filament - acrylic - looks like one of the new filaments that'll be at this years show. Bring some samples :-)
    I'd say bring some peek as well - but I've got nothing yet that I can print it with.

    (looks it up) so Vshaper are a 3d printer manufacturer based in poland.

    AM3D are based in sunderland in the uk.

    So presumably it's the softshaper slicer software you'll be demoing ?
    Definitely interested in seeing how that compares to simplify3d.
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    If you're going to be at TCT 2017 and you've got a trumpet - this is the thread in which to blow it :-)

    Don't be shy - tell us who you are and what you do.

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    Yeah we are the VSHAPER UK re-sellers. Softshaper will be the new software that we will be demoing, we have been working hard to cater this software to the beginner and the expert. so the software can be split into expert mode and beginner mode. expert mode gives you a vast amount of settings that you can plays with and change. beginner mode will only let you change the resolution and all the different filaments will have profiles that you can select, these profiles will have the tested settings so you don't have to keep making adjustments and you can get more successful prints.

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    Got to say the softshaper software - even in it's current beta form - looks like a real challenger to simplify3d.

    Very interesting show this year, some cool stuff, like the softshaper, that will help us home users and some really cool industrial style machines.
    Pics and more info to follow.
    Could have gone back tomorrow as well
    But currently knackered. Spending 6 hours vertical on a leg that's recovering from a nasty quad tear is enough for one week.
    Plus I'd have had to dribe any other day, and that's still painful.

    But great day as always :-) Met some great people, had some good chats - throat a little raw from waffling :-)

    More tomorrow.

    If there's an overall theme this year, then it printed metal that's sintered in an oven rather than directly melted.
    At least 5 companies doing this in varying ways.
    Had my first go on a virtual reality headset at one. Wow, that was fun !

    Right more tomorrow.

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    I was there. It was a great show. Got to meet lots of great people.

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    So we had a quick look at TCT 2017 3d printing show, here were some of the gadgets we had a look at, mainly consumer rather than manufacturing printers and apparel.

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