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    i3 Plus y axis out of alignment

    Hi all,

    What is the best way to re-align the wanhao duplicator i3 plus y axis without being able to 3d print a tool for it? The tutorial I found on youtube is for the non plus model where the electronics are housed outside of the frame.

    I noticed the print quality was getting worse and the y axis sounded funny. I checked and found that the screws were loose for the y axis rods so I printed 2192046 from thingiverse and attempted to realign it.

    Now my bed will not level at all, I can get 3 but not 4 corners right and I can not print at all. If I print a square, the right side will be 0.3mm wider than the left side and it immediately lifts off the print bed and sticks to the nozzle once it does anything within the square. Before leveling was no problem.


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    I have observed the metal frame printers with metal screws without lock washers and without Loctite like to vibrate themselves loose over time. Blue thread locker on all screws holding all metal pieces together will prevent this from happening in the future as you try to print out a honeycomb infill and make the machine shake so hard. Another obvious fix to this is use a printer built out of a softer material like wood, or plastic, or acrylic. These materials are somewhat flexible and will hold your screws tight even through the shaking and without any thread locker.

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