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    New to 3D Printing!

    Hi All,
    I'm totally new to 3D printing, and came across this Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer. First off is this printer easy enough for beginners? I do know a lot about building models as I have been doing so for about 18 years using Lightwave 3D, but know nothing about these printers. Do you know of any good tutorials on this printer? I also know G code programming. I was a CNC programmer at Disney World for many years. I just know nothing about a 3D printer's, and it's lingo. Any help, or advice would be great. One more thing I hear that monoprice will not service the printer after 1 year. Then what? Electronics is another hobby of mine, so replacing boards or even soldering is not a problem, but what about getting parts? Also Monoprice says to get a much older version of Cura because the newer versions can't find the com ports. I'm on a Mac, so what happens when Apple makes a newer OS, and the older software no longer runs? Thanks again for your time! Below is a Tesla coil I just built from scratch....
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    well first thing - throw the apple away, build a linux machine - virtually identical, about 1/4 the price, that got nothing to do with 3d printers - just general life advice :-)

    Most 3d printers are pretty easy to service and repair.

    The monoprice mini is a good place to start. Decent little machine.
    Wouldn't worry about com ports - you'll most likely use the card reader and control panel to run most prints anyway.
    If apple want to bugger up your computer with a new os - don't load it. It's your choice, not theirs :-)

    Judging by your back ground the mini will be nothing but a launch pad into maybe a kit and then most likely just building your own from scratch. Actually a lot easier than you'd think.
    But yep - good place to start.

    And no matter where you get it from - you'll do all the servicing yourself, 'cos once you've got a 3d printer, you won't want it out o action for the length of time that sending it back to the manufacturers takes :-)

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