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    Not sure why my profile has me listed as a 'student' b/c I'm much older than that. Actually I'm a teacher Must be some default profile setting when I created the acct. Anyhow...

    Looking at a new design for my base using the 'spinner fidget' toy. Is it possible to create an enlarged version of a spinner toy via a 3D printer? Say I wanted to scale it by 3 or 4 times the toy size.

    Any suggestions on a simple way to create an enlarged version for printing purposes?

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    you're a student based on the number of posted messages.

    Scaling a previously created STL file is pretty easy. I use OpenSCAD, Meshmixer and some Fusion 360 and Blender for my modeling projects. All are free. Pick one or more, use The Google to look for "scale STL in OpenSCAD" or your selected program and you'll have plenty of solutions at hand. You can scale uniformly in all three directions, or only two at first, then make it thicker as needed. Much flexibility awaits you.

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    Aha. No wonder I couldnt find the setting to change it!

    Does that mean I should be able to find a public .stl file for a spinner?

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    Please send me the stl file then I will send you the quote.
    We have 3 sla machines 24inx24inx16in and 3 different materials.

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    Thanks for all the info and offers to print...I'm re-working the design after another thought.

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    I can fit those bad boys on my Union Tech RSPro600 in one-piece. No Problem! Might also be able to produce them out of nylon on my HP machine. Let me know if you need help with this still. My email is

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    the designations are based on the number of posts a person has in the forum - pretty standard for forums. :-)

    how large a spinner are you after ?
    And check out for many spinner designs.

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