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    EnvisionTEC's 3D-Bioplotter Used in Over 200 Papers - Here Are 10 Highlights

    Last week, we took a look at what has become one of the most commonly used 3D bioprinters in the industry. The 3D-Bioplotter from EnvisionTEC has now been used in more than 200 peer-reviewed research studies. That's an impressive accomplishment, and it's definitely worth taking a look at the important work that has been done using this 3D printer. Most people don't have the time to wade through 205 papers, however, so we decided to pull out 10 that have been especially significant. Read more at

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    While this may be mildly interesting to Envisiontec fans, what makes it so enduringly relevant to the rest of us that it has to be "sticky", and permanently reside at the top of this forum section? Why does every Envisiontec-related article merit this treatment? How much are they paying for that?

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