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    Well that's rather odd. The KNP is back down to $299. Go figure... Guess their sales dropped to zero when they bumped the price to $499.

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    I still can't believe $299 for this thing. The electronics and power supply all seem to be pretty well made. Metal frame, dual extruder. I guess at this price point the extruders aren't high end but they are plenty capable of printing the high temp stuff, like ABS and PETG. I guess it just goes to show how in a world awash in cheap clones marketing and brand recognition still matter and can affect prices greatly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    both flashprint (best free slicer for the knp - select creator pro) and simplify 3d (best commercial slicer) work on both windows and macs - so no problem with compatibility.

    As far as parts go - it's based on the original makerbot replicator dual. Probably the most copied 3d printer ever.
    As such, compatible parts are easy to get.

    No clue on what mac os you need - but windows 7 on up is fine.
    Did some work for a customer on a mac recently.
    What a piece of junk !
    Had to update it to latest os - jeezusss, horrendous. How you people put up with it is beyond me :-)
    What's with the one button mouse ?
    Scrolling in windows would have me putting a hammer through it inside a day. Scroll bars show up when they feel like it, no alternative for scrolling. You get the feeling whoever wrote the os - does not use it.
    If you want a non-windows 10 machine, go linux - definitely NOT apple.
    Here's what Accugraphics told me with regards to it being a copy of a Makerbot.

    "We hit the streets ande sold some, but the owners did not want to spend much on advertising, and when you look only at specs, the KNP is pretty much on par with the Makerbot and clones, on paper. However, what isn't widely known is that we tested the other machines and found limitations. Even the Makerbot and FlashForge machines have limits, because they simply built and were fine with being able to print only certain layer sizes well. There is a mathematical clash between the resolution of the extruder motors and the pitch of the z axis rod, so that layers not of the right size give erratic results. We charged our engineers with solving this, and also had them improve the ooze from the nozzle when idle, a heat dissipation problem. They did well. So we didn't sell what we should, and wouldn't advertise, but instead relied on word of mouth. Well, our buyers love it, but they must not know many people! so we are blowing them out at the most competitive price we can, even with the loss. We are investigating new innovations to allow making as good or better quality, and maintain an acceptable price, but I can assure you it won't be in an expensive steel frame and painted cabinet! I have been here for about 20 years, and have seen many projects that just wouldn't pay, so we change tracks. We still stand good for the warranty, and parts if needed, but we are working on our next generation machine, which should be profitable. "

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    Based on replicator dual is what i said.
    All the different clones have variations.
    The knp is one of the highest quality around.

    Nozzle ooze is no different than my flashforge creator. Extryder setup is standard, no innovations I can see.

    But Like I said - great build quality :-)
    And stupid value for money at the current price.

    At the end of the day it's an unenclosed replicator pro for the price of a plywood ctc creator standard that will, most likely, not work.

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