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    Monoprice select v2 wont work with any of my usb ports

    The printer does not support usb 3.0 but even when i plug it into my 2.0 slots it still continues not to work as well as windows troubleshooter says that it wont work in 3.0 slots. my motherboard is a gigabyte ga-x99-ud3

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    Could be a simple as replacing your USB cable, or Configuring your slicer to the correct baud-rate and serial port.

    If you could give us more information about your setup it will be easier to help.
    what serial port are you using what baud-rate is it set to and what slicer are you using so we can help you.

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    what he said - most likely you haven't set the right com port.

    what version of windows do you have ? (please don't say 10 lol)

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    I own a monoprice select 2. You need the device driver get it to work.

    This done window 10

    1 download
    2. Run and install I install with default
    3. open device manger
    4. have printer on. With device manager open Plug in your usb in print and computer watch for new devices Most likely be unknown or ?. If you having touble looking for it easy pull the unplug usb cable
    5. Right click on the device update driver.
    6. Pick Browser my computer for driver software
    7. Pick this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers
    8. Now you have setup the "USB com serial port" just remember the "COM" Number to use in Cura.

    buadrate for printer and cura setting need be 115200

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