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    Any tips with printing small objects?

    I have a Delta printer and I am sort of stuck in a dilemma of how to print very small objects with good quality. From here I am trying to print the "Leg_Hinge_001.STL" file and it has to be printed pretty good in order for something else to clip on properly. I've tried printing with support material and a slow speed but it's just too hard to take the rafting (that is already fused) off of the hinges. Any tips would be great. I am using Slic3r and OctoPrint too.

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    Try this file. It is sliced with S3D and has supports. Two pins.
    Ah can't print it because we don't have a heated bed. "Warn: Not sending "M190 S70", printer profile has no heated bed"

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    Here's another with bed heat off. You will probably want to adjust the hotend too. I have mine a little high. Should be able to adjust once it starts printing.
    Thanks for this, but I am just wondering (I haven't started printing yet), are the settings you set to that GCode similar to what Slic3r has? If so, I would prefer to manually insert the parameters you set in, if possible. The reason is, is because our custom made printer is very sensitive and we've worked hard to keep it in a working condition, so adjusting the hotend could wipe out a week's worth of calibration.

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    I couldn't tell you what the difference between it and Slicer is. Just run with the 215 and see what happens.

    I gave it a whirl.

    upload pictures to website

    Those are some tiny pieces!
    Dang those look a whole lot better than the first I set I printed haha. I'll try out what you said later tonight. Thanks again!

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    for very small things you need to turn the print speed right down and I mean RIGHT down.
    When i was making 5mm gears I was down to around 10mm/s without simplify3d's layer adjustments that slowed it down even more. For the 3mm rubber tires I went down to 5mm/s.
    Print temps can be lowered a little - think I went down to 200, usually print at 210 or 215.
    Avoid rafts if at all possible.
    A good substituite for a raft is to double the first layer print height. Gives you good first layer adhesion without any of the hassle of a raft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    Get it going?
    Yup! It turned out really nice.

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