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    Is it possible FDM-PLA parts stronger* than Injected Moulding?

    I've come across with some research showing stronger PLA-FDM parts under tensile and compression stress in longitudinal and transverse directions than Injected Moulding of the same material, as showed in Measurements of the mechanical response of unidirectional 3Dprinted, SONG 2017 (see attached image)

    And the conclusion of the reseach states that :

    "3D-printed PLA is tougher than injection-moulded PLA. This is due to the layered
    and filamentous nature of the 3D-printed material and the complexity that this
    induces in the microscopic mechanisms of fracture."

    Most studies with ABS shows that air gap and lack of strength in filament bonding decreases strength* in FDM parts.
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    lmao - I've been saying that for years !
    Where's amaprofessional when you need to go: 'nah de nah de nah nah' at him ;-)

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    Maybe, but if you stress it across the grain it's a lot weaker.

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