So it's been 3 1/2 years since I bought my flashforge creator.
And the only negative I've ever had to say about it, is that the filament that came with it was complete and utter dross.
It's the only filament that's ever clogged a nozzle on any of my machines.

Now fast forward to last week and I'm looking through amazon for 3d printing stuff and flashforge pla pops up at 14 a kg and available on my amazon prime next day delivery. Given how improved all filament is these days, I figured flashforge probably hadn't been idle on the filament front.

So I bought a roll of red.
Arrived, it's semi translucent - which i like in a filament. Seems to make it stronger and more resilient. The more colourant there is in pla, the more brittle it seems to be.

I have to admit Alexa just LOVES this stuff !
Sticks extremely well to pritnbite at 50c - no smooshing necessary. no visible stringing, prints at speed.
A very superior pla at a bargain price - what else do you need ?

Dimensionally it's bang on. No observable shrinkage.

I will be buying a lot more of this in the future.
Highly recommended:

The acorn is my acorn design. It's a good test, needs a good filament for the knurls to come out sharp.
foot is a foot from a cherry keyboard one of my clients has. It had a broken foot. I brought the good one back with me today.
my copy next to the original. Did not need to adjust any measurements to get a copy that's bang on dimensionally :-)

The only downside i can see is that it only seems to come in: blue, black, white and red.