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    Study on 3D Printing Toy and Game Market

    A new study from Michigan Tech and MyMiniFactory examines the impact that 3D printing will have on the toy and game market -- and results show that the effects could be quite big. Professor Joshua Pearce, who led the study, and MyMiniFactory CEO Romain Kidd fill in on the specifics of disruption when it comes to toys and games. Lowering costs and increasing performance of desktop 3D printers, alongside more recycled materials availability, are being put to use with personalized digital designs on repositories like MMF -- meaning parents could conceivably 3D print custom toys for their kids. The study finds that costs of creating toys via 3D printing saves commonly 40%-90% on costs versus buying them. Read more about their findings and what the study authors project for this market in the full article:

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    3D printing has many advantages in the toys and games industry and not just in terms of costs. Users can customize objects to cater to their needs which adds more value over commercial toys and games.

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    This is the first time I've heard about 3D Printing Toy and Game Market. At what age can such toys be given to children to play with? As far as I understand this game has a lot of small details, so most likely this game is not suitable for small children... So far, I try to buy my child only plush soft toys made of high-quality materials that will not harm the child. For example the last toy I bought was My son was delighted with it!
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