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    Yeah I'll take some pics and post.

    Ok so most recent setting change is that the checkbox for "force retraction on layer change" was checked and I unchecked it. Now I'm only showing the issue about every 5 layers or so. So now maybe I'll play some more with retraction.

    Pics incoming

    Edit: Not bad. My single walled one with no gap fill looks close to that. That's bringing me back to these darn retraction settings again /sigh

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    First pix shows most recent tries oldest to newest. They do get better. Second pic shows what I'm printing right now without forcing retraction every layer. It still has issues. Retraction setting is 1.5mm@25mm/s

    What are your retraction settings?

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    Better yet if you printed that with S3D can you export the profile and send it to me?

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    I haven't even tried that yet. I'll give it a shot if it's gonna put out quality stuff like that!

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    Sure thing. Thanks again. I'm so close to get this nailed down I can taste it

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    I did it! It all came down to seriously tailoring my retraction and ooze settings. Any issues with the surface seen in the photo aren't even felt. It's smooth all the way around. To be honest this got way too specific for me right off the bat. I wish I had attacked something like this in stages as opposed to all at once but I'm starting to feel like I understand retraction and ooze settings within S3D on a level that I would never have guessed this early on.

    I'm working on some new product designs and most of my products will be small so getting these settings tailored as well as understanding them is really gratifying

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