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    Thanks I'll change that on my next test.

    I've got the printer functioning pretty darn well but I'm super frustrated. These parts all look ripply on the center flat area. I can tell it is a retraction issue because when I change retraction settings it gets worse or better. I just CAN'T find that sweet spot. It's weird too because I've printed these with other slicers with not as much of an issue and I've even opened those up to copy some of the settings over.

    I'm going to keep trying

    Edit: Maybe I'm wrong. I went back to the basic retraction settings that gave me best results and chose to print thin walls as perimeters only. As I'm watching it print it kinda looks like it's printing perimeters weird and they're laying on infill or something.
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    printed ignoring thin wall infill. Looked best yet, still some rippling at the bottom but it didn't print another perimeter inside now matter how high I put the overlap. It's a part that is 1.5mm thick and a .4mm line width, should easily be able to fit a third in there but I guess it won't do it unless it can complete a full rotation or something.

    So I went back and put the gap fill in and lowered that gap fill overlap to 5%.

    We shall see

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    At this point I'm just going to make sure I update this because I can't let this part beat me. I'm mostly messing with infill and speed now.

    I changed orientation and watched them print some more. Still hardcore rippling and I guess "blobbing". I slowed it down to half speed for more than half the print just to see and it helped a lot. When I slowed it down it had like 6 good layers and 1 bad one repeating.

    Since I can't change acceleration settings in S3D (I wish I could, I don't like messing with my printers firmware) I don't know if I can justify slowing the acceleration down more just for this part because I would continually have to go in and change my firmware back to standard accel settings. I might try it just once to see if it helps even more


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    Edit: spoke too soon. There's too much for it to be oozing. The more I mess with this the more I believe this is related to hidden settings within S3D. I think it is laying down gap fill. But it is laying it down when it has already laid the infill for the thin walls. It doesn't need this extra line. It's laying it down like goop too. Super loose. The ACTUAL infill it lays above and below this goop layer is laid correctly and it does not show this goop layer on the preview. Maybe it's oozing but it's an awful lot and I've already tested with ABS @ 225. That should have at least lessened it and it did not


    Ok I got this. It is an oozing issue. On each side of these parts there is a thicker section that the head is moving to extrude a square on each side and when it does it is ooing across the thin section during it's travel move and messing up the laying down of the next outer layer

    Obviously I can fix this with temperature, travel speed, retraction settings, and "ooze control" settings in S3D. However the rest of the part is great now so pretty much all of these settings should be considered dialed in. I'll start with temp and see what happens

    Now that I'm not in the dark just trying random things I will change 1 setting at a time from

    retraction distance
    retraction speed
    travel speed (doubt I will change this, speed is at 150mm/s and with my acceleration settings turned down it probably won't help to increase that)
    S3D supposedly has an ooze control extrusion multiplier but I keep not being able to find it. Might try this setting too.
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    You da man. I really appreciate that. In doing this I've learned quite a bit and I've got this thing printing like a dream but there's something up here that I'm either not understanding or that S3D is computing weird because of the nature of the thin wall section on this.

    Let me know what happens.

    There's a solid section at the bottom. About 19 layers. The issue creeps up as soon as it passes this section and has just the thin areas to worry about

    I've been running ABS out of my left extruder so all these settings are for that. If that is an issue give me a heads up and I can switch it to right extruder and export again. It wouldn't let me upload an x3g file so I zipped the gcode and x3g together

    Cart Tray
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    I edited that post a bunch of times. At first I had a 1 shell version in there. I had tried that before but I had a new way I was going to do a 1 shell version so I gave you the standard 2 shell version that has been giving me issues nonstop. My next thing to try is 1 shell (then it won't need to go do a small square on the left and right because it will only do 1 outline) and a much higher infill percentage and see how it goes.

    Just to add some more. In the preview for the print if I show it by line. After printing each square in the shells (when it moves left and right and lays down that goop) as I'm going forward line by line there are 5 moves in between the squares where on the S3D preview the toolhead doesn't move at all. So I click forward 5 times and it just shows it sitting over one side of the model. I'm assuming this is when it is actually laying down this goop. Maybe in a wipe or ooze control maneuver (edit: it's a retraction. When I turn retraction off it doesn't sit there for 5 clicks like that. So I guess this has come full circle. BUT I have no stringing so I wouldn't know what to do about it)
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    Oh sorry yeah no problem. One sec

    Edit: Here is the STL. My bad. Designed in Designspark

    Cart Tray.stl

    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    I'll try printing it with the settings I use and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    I think I do have PLA in the left. Make it right and what layers/print height are you using?
    I've got it at .2

    Here are the files changed to right extruder. You don't have to print it though. No worries if you can find something slicing just STL file itself


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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    Do you want me to do one piece or three like you were attempting at the beginning of this post?

    I changed it to two pieces for speed sake. Either/Or should show the issue so you can go with 1

    To add, I just printed 1 shell (which made it not need gap fill and only did true infill) and they're looking pretty good. Not 100% perfect but no crazy goopy throwing off my layers

    Maybe your settings work better for the gap fill issue when printed with 2 shells?

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    Rock on man. Thanks. This has been one heck of a learning experience. I've invested a lot of time into these specific parts but I know I'll be able to use this knowledge down the road so I'm not as frustrated as I was. I'm glad I've continually narrowed the issue down. I want it solved though.

    So now that I printed those two with 1 shell and 50% infill they look good. Little bit of ringing. Maybe retraction, maybe speed issue but that shows me the biggest issue is the way the gap fill that S3D auto generates is laid down. I'm going to test back to 2 shells with the gap fill and mess with those settings a bit

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