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    Olaf Diegel 3D Prints Skeletor Microphone

    Olaf Diegel, known for his amazing 3D printed guitars, has now designed the perfect complement to them: a 3D printed microphone. It's not just any microphone, though - it's a silver nylon microphone designed to look like Skeletor. An aluminum "deluxe" version will also be coming in the future. Read more at

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    Wow, I've never thought that it is possible for a microphone to look like this. It's just amazing. Also, the material is quite resistant, so it should be of high quality. However, I'm not very well informed about microphones in general, and I don't know which are their key-characteristics. I was lucky to have found a website that offers guidance concerning the best microphones available on the market. Here are specified all the technical features, design properties, their high points and disadvantages. In this way, it's easier to make the right choice.
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    Looks really great. But what are the characteristics?

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    Good evening. I'm also interested in such design, looks really interesting. I have a recording studio and I think it will be cool for example for decoration. By the way if you are working with audio and use different sound recording devices, go to the website and check the best audio interfaces. Personally I have Apogee Duet with USB connection type, quality is great!

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