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    LLNL 4D Prints Silicone Metamaterials

    A research team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has used a direct ink writing (DIW) process to 3D print property-specific, silicone metamaterials that possess shape memory behavior, which technically makes them 4D printed. LLNL has worked with both 3D printed metamaterials and 4D printing before, but by using a DIW process, the material becomes more lightweight and functional, with a tailored, mechanical response. This can be achieved when printed structural porosity and intrastrand porosity are combined, by adding hollow, gas-filled microspheres into the 3D printing ink. But many researchers are adding different materials to the mix, such as these shape memory polymers, in order to increase the potential applications. Read more at

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    First time here.

    Not being a science major, I am hoping I can ask a few questions involved in this process to see if it is an appropriate material for my project. Is anyone still following this?

    And now I'm looking for a way to get notified if anyone replies. I don't see how to subscribe to this post. And I can't see a way to follow this in my profile either. Oh ok, now that I've selected Advanced it is now pre-selected.

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