i am relatively new to 3D printing and am about to buy myself a 3D printer. After some research I was about to buy a Creality CR-10 because it is recommended very often. A couple days ago I found the Anycubic I3 Mega and am wondering if anyone owns this printer or has some experience with it?
To me it looks really promising. Even though the build volume is a bit smaller than the build volume of the CR-10, it is still big enough for my needs (210x210x205mm).

But the features why I am so interested in this printer are:
It has a power-outage protection. So in case of a power-outage the printer can just continue printing when the power is back. This is such a simple feature, the printer just needs to remember in which line of the code it was - but for some reason there are barely any (affordable) 3D printers which have this feature. Especially when you are printing big parts which require a lot of time, this is a great feature.
Another feature is the filament-detection sensor. So the printer recoginzes if you are running out of filament and stops the print. You can simply replace the spool and continue printing - another feature which is really nice if you are printing bigger parts, since you do not have to worry if you have enough filament left on you spool.

Why is this printer so unpopular? There are barely any Reviews even though it is also very easy to put together (it comes almost pre-assembled) and offers these simple, but really helpfull features - and all that for a reasonable price as well.

Usually it is $369.99 on gearbest, but I found a coupon code (SPAINLABSGB) which reduces the price to $329.39 which, in my opinion, is a really good price for this printer.
Anycubic I3 Mega

Anyone got some experience with this printer and can tell me if there are any downsides I am missing?