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    3D Printed Water Purification Device

    Emma Emanuelsson, a chemical engineer at the University of Bath, has designed a water purification device that she's currently prototyping using 3D printing. The device, made from black plastic, contains multiple channels that run across its surface. Water runs through those channels and heats up in the sun, killing pathogens. Emanuelsson and the multidisciplinary research team hope to see the device implemented on a large scale in communities without access to enough clean water, particularly in Africa. Learn more at

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    Hello everyone, who can tell you how to choose the right water purifier and for what volume?

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    Who has any recommendations?

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    Hello, in fact, choosing a good water purification device is not so easy. It is best to choose a filter from quality material, as for the volume, I would recommend you a filter that has a volume of no more than 1 gallon to oz, this is quite enough.

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    discuss the retailer

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