We are with a small group of customers that are "victim" of the policy that CEL has in place since at least half a year:
if we don't like the bad news from outside the UK, we simply dump these customers and leave them at their own device.

In the short term, this is a very good strategy, the cost of coming to the UK and start a case in any way against them is too great.
Things change when that group becomes big enough and start organising.
And that is what I'm starting to do.

As a group at some point it becomes worth while to take actions.
So the chance that CEL customers read this at this moment will be small, after all, the activity on the CEL forum has diminished a lot,
but I can only hope the word will spread.

In the case someone feels the same as i do, please contact me.
This forum has a way of sending messages directly to other members (I suspect, like most forum systems do).

Whatever happens, I will never settle for the abuse that CEL has done to me.
Banning me on a forum just because they don't like the honest content I'm writing,
deleting my account on their support portal because I refuse to close unsolved repair tickets,
having the wrong advice on their support and be presented with the bill for this, without the slightest intend to take their responsibility,
it will simply not do, I call that abuse.

I heard a lot of people comment already,
with a few categories:
1. customers who just want their part of a problem solved and could not care less about anyone else (selfish, but that's the world we live in today)
2. customers who do agree but are too afraid to say this in public, because they know what CEL does when you don't fall in line
3. CEL staff, even Pete, who failed in their support or defend that ill advised support, because otherwise it would cost money if they admit their responsibility

One person I didn't heard yet: Chris Elsworthy.
As CEO of CELL, these messages should reach you (I hope they do) and an official response from you in all of this (not only my case) would be a very good signal to the outside world.
I saw at least one article of you on 3dprintboard, so you are no stranger on this website.