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    Taiwanese Company Develops 3D Printed Skin

    While 3D printed skin is certainly helpful in terms of helping burn victims, it can also be used as a much less controversial alternative to animal testing. The JALA Group, a leading Chinese cosmetics company, announced a few months ago that it had successfully produced 3D bioprinted skin, using Asian skin cells, and now a research facility in Taiwan has developed Chinese bionic skin 3D printing technology for the first time. Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is the major government-funded institute for Taiwanese technology, and recently presented its 3D printed bionic skin technology at the 2017 BioTaiwan Exhibition. Read more at

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    Nice! I knew that a lot of cosmetic companies are using animals for testing their products. I think that this is the worst thing that they can do for animals and for all of us at the same time. Animals are not toys for us or just some objects for testing all the chemicals used for cosmetics. In general, that kind of cosmetics based on powerful substances done for lifting and other effects. By the way, I think that this kind of effect like facial lifting is impossible to obtain from cosmetics. It is possible, from my point of view, just from procedures like thermage and others.
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