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    American Pearl's Jewelry Replicator 3D Prints Old Jewelry

    Remember the Star Trek Replicator, where they could make copies of objects appear in mid air? Well, American Pearl has launched their Jewelry Replicator. With Jewelry Replicator, customers can upload their pictures of jewelry, perhaps a piece Grandma was wearing in an old photo, or a necklace they lost years ago. Jewelry Replicator then will 3D print you a copy of it.

    It works by turning the images in the pictures into a 3D CAD model. They then print a mold from that model, and cast your custom piece. Check out an example of a necklace they replicated with the technology:

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    Is this service still available? If so, how do I reach the company that does this??

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    Have you contacted the folks at American Pearl? That was an old post; they probably tried doing that for a while, and gave it up in favor of a more limited form of customization: But you could hire an independent CAD jewelry designer to do the same thing. Don't expect it to be cheap, though.

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    If it still actual question for you, I can help you. It is not expensive at all. My experience in 3D is more than 10 years.

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