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    Need help with Flashforge finder!

    Hey, Im using flashforge finder and its printting fine for my use but when I try to print taller objects the bottom part is fine as usually but top part looks like its missing layers and then further it goes up more bad it goes and starts to make big web of filament. So whats wrong? I have printted custom filament holder for finder and im using it with universal pla wich is usually working fine. Printing at 210c as sayd on my filament roll using flashforges own slicer.

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    picture of example print

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    Hmm, that is weird.
    Check your filament roll hasn't got tangled. Sometimes even a tangled roll will start out printing normally and then gradually become tighter as a print goes on and tension increases. It's a lot more common than you'd think.
    Once the tension is released the reel loosens up and you can print again with it looking perfectly normal for the first part of the print.

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    If you cannot watch the entire print and most of us do not have that kind of time, I would set up web Cams to watch the Filament spool and the 3D print itself.
    Most laptops have a build in camera you could use as a 2nd recording device. Then you will have a better ideal of what is occurring.

    I have seen numerous occasions when the filament was stretched beyond belief or tangled, and had already lost the print or to release the tension / untangle before the Print would start missing layers.

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    okay thanks for the tips i realised my spool was tangled and now its working but my other color spool made same thing but i cant find where its tangled

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    sometimes you have to unravel a lot of filament to find the part where it goes under itself.
    Then re-spool - carefully :-)

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