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    Xometry Receives $15 Million in Investment Funding

    On-demand manufacturing and 3D printing service provider Xometry, headquartered in Maryland, got its start back in 2014, and is working to transform manufacturing in the US with its proprietary machine learning-based software platform. This year, Xometry, which has been continuing its rapid market expansion, has tripled its bookings from the same time period a year ago, and has expanded its manufacturing capacity by over five times since the end of 2016. Today, Xometry announced that it had secured $15MM in investment funding to continue driving its manufacturing platform. BMW's corporate venture capital team BMW i Ventures led the funding round, and existing investors also participated, including venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners and GE Ventures. Read more at

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    This is a lot of money for Xometry, $15 Million in Investment Funding to continue driving its manufacturing platform, sounds promising. It's imperative to know in what area the money will be used properly. If you are a person who invests a lot, it's also essential to know in what you invest your money and how the process works. These days there is a lot of help that you can get when you are looking to invest, fiduciary financial advisor is the one that always gives me advice before I take any action regarding my financial wellbeing.
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